Kaala Karikaalan


The announcement for Kaala made everyone go in awe but I was not excited because I thought the star would give a chance to another upcoming and promising director than collaborating with the Kabali director – Pa. Ranjith. The announcement has finally come and the title has been revealed. The first look is out and lot of new things included.


The editor has been changed to Sreekar Prasad. We have seen many of his works from Alaipayuthey to Taramani and he is a 7 time National Award winner! Stunt by Dhilip Subbarayan too is a big change from Anbariv (the twins). Dhilip Subbarayan was flamboyant in Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru and the films’ content and the stunt were equally praised. Let’s again come back to Kaala! Saddened ed to see tickets still not filled for the shows on day 1. I booked mine late at night and was shocked to see A row being open in Escape! Is the star losing his stardom or it’s the films hype so low that you get tickets easily and not at skyrocketed rates.

Apart from Cinema, Ranjith is someone who voices out his opinions whenever possible for all the issues ranging from Jallikattu, NEET Anita Murder, Tuticorin Killings to the recent death of a girl who didn’t clear NEET! He represents some people who are suppressed! He takes the stories of some/all of them and incorporates with the contemporary things and strives to strike a balance. I respect his vision to speak out and hope one day he achieves it.


Kaala is set in Dharavi, the world’s 3rd largest slum and 2nd in Asia. The life at the slum is still underdeveloped but people are happy. A string of events happen and what next forms the basis. It’s the usual everytime we have seen kinda film but somethings are fresh and we find it relatable.

The only reference for me to Dharavi was Salaam Bombay, Nayakan, Bombay, Mankatha & Slumdog Millionaire. We have seen enough and yet this film shows something new. Thotta Tharani won a National Award for Nayakan and I hope this art director gets praised too.


There is a problem for the people. The new party that gets elected is referenced to BJPee and you can easily relate it to the politics happening in the country and to the people. How the star along with all the people does it is the basic plot and it is inter wined with all the issues WE THE PEOPLE have faced in all the years. The costumes are a tad good and better and they make you love black even more. One character is named Shivaji Rao Gaekwad referencing to the star’s original name like how his own DOB was used in Kabali and his scene will remind you of Jallikattu.

Huma Qureshi was great as an actor and her portions with the star was impeccable. The romance portions with Eswari Rao was the stand out part in the film. It was Dope-ish max. She did a great job and it can rekindle all the emotions of people who are married.

The sons of Kaala and the rest of the cast have played their part well and one character is named Lenin. Wow! He has come a long way from Vikram Vedha, 8 Thottakkal and Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum and he is a powerhouse of talent. He stands out in all the above said films and that reflects in Kaala too! Lot of references have been given by Ranjith and you can see photos of Buddha & BR Ambedhkar placed side by side in a scene. I found out that the number plate of the Mahindra that we saw in the first look is changed and it wasn’t BR 1956! Openly accepting the fact that you are an AMBEDHKAR-ist needs a great gut and kudos Ranjith.


Nana Patekar is a fabulous actor and we can see him oozing out all the negativism into us. His portions were all Saffron-ish. Good work by the crew to enable us to think of what’s happening around us.

Kannamma by Pradeep Kumar is a great treat to the ears and it reminds you of the Maya Nadhi from Kabali. Thanga Chilai by Shankar Mahadevan is a great visual treat and you can see the Star’s dance moves in style.

Samuthirakani‘s timing sense is always good and we see him more than the usual in here. He has lived the role. Santhosh Narayanan’s BGM is therii and you can feel the high in a lot of places. Cinematography by Murali. G is great and he has rightly placed Dharavi in Chennai. We don’t see the difference at all. Both the art and the camera departments have stressed a lot in this and we can see the work.

Barring the second half lags, this is surely watchable and we can relate it even more. You can have your fair share of highs and lows and this would make it enjoyable if you are a THALAIVAR VERIYAN. Go watch it and enjoy the THALAIVARISM and have it just there. That’s it!

Rajnikanth as an actor has shown a lot in here to after Kabali and I am happy he has finally made it. Barring the stunt sequences that were enpa-ithellam-ippo his charisma, his act, his style, the dialogue rendition were all great and you enjoy it ungala-maranthu. Let’s hope for the best in Karthik Subbaraj’s project.

Pa. Ranjith has collected all the negatives of Kabali and turned some into positives and I am sure he will do it well in the next film. He will improve in the coming years. This isn’t his best yet! Let’s wait for the time to decide.




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